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The J & E Berkley Foundation


What Projects is the Foundation interested in?
The foundation is seeking to promote any effort which will improve the quality of life in Charlottesville and the Central Virginia region. We are not interested in physical plant or construction projects; rather, we wish to promote programs, which seek to eliminate social and environmental problems before they occur. Our focus is on the total community-people, conservation-nature, animals and the arts. Projects which are designed to promote a specific political or religious agenda will not be considered.

Who is eligible to submit grant proposals?
Any individual or organization may submit a grant proposal, provided they possess a non-for-profit tax –exempt status.

What geographical are does the Foundation serve?
Charlottesville, and it’s contiguous counties in Central Virginia.

How Many grants are issued per year?
The Board of Directors will determine how many grants are to be issued yearly, based on the need and merits of the proposals submitted. Grants will be awarded two times per year.

What is the dollar amount of each grant?
There is no limit to the dollar amount and applicant may request. The Board of Directors will determine the size of each grant awarded, based on need and available funds.

Once I have been awarded a grant, may I apply again the following year?
Yes, after a 12 month period from grant approval. There is no limit to the number of times an individual or organization may apply, nor to the number of grants that may be awarded. However, you will be expected to demonstrate positive results for your project, and continuing need. Grants are awarded based on merit, need, and available funds. Therefore, the Foundation may elect not to re-fund a successful program if it determines there is another area of greater urgency. Should the situation arise, you are encouraged to apply again during the next fiscal cycle.